Everything to your full satisfaction

Service means Satisfaction

Customer orientation is one of the most important elements of the business culture at RIEPE®. The needs and satisfaction of our customers are at all times the first priority. Thanks to a professional service team every customer can receive individual advice and support. A worldwide based competent team of skilled people enables a simple and smooth service delivery. In addition to the installation of the RIEPE® spraying systems, the whole production process with regard the finished product is analysed and optimised to ensure RIEPE® Finish Quality. The targeted information exchange enables the customer to easily and effectively integrate the RIEPE® products into their production process.

Service means competence

The service staff at RIEPE® receive regular training and are fully briefed with regard market demands. Every problem or customer enquiry is considered holistically and analysed in the context of the production process. Once professionally fitted, the RIEPE® spraying systems in conjunction with the original RIEPE® products generate immediate success. The focus is on perfection, in order to achieve the optimum result for the customer. Above all the regular two-way knowledge exchange with the leading machine, adhesive, edgeband and tool manufacturers strengthens the know-how of our service team.

Service means trust

Over 30 years of experience in the woodworking industry makes RIEPE® a trustworthy partner. Our demand for quality mirrors not only the meticulous selection of our distributors, but encompasses all our value added processes. Innovation, quality and continuity are the three driving forces on the path to global player and market leader. At the same time the service performance is constantly developing and promises a professional and lasting cooperation with the customers.