Cleaning agent spraying system

Mounting example Cleaning Agent spraying system in front of the buffing wheels
Mounting example Cleaning Agent spraying system in front of the flat scraper

This system is used to spray the Cleaning Agent LP163/93® on the top and bottom surface of the board edge, as well as the edgeband. The release agent applied at the machine infeed side and the loose glue residue are removed by the application of the cleaning agent and subsequent buffing.

Furthermore, the glue joint and the edge banding are cooled. Heat generation during buffing is considerably reduced by the application of the liquid. Smearing of glue emerging from the joint is avoided. The edge banding radius is wet buffed with the special Cleaning Agent LP163/93®. As a consequence, heating of the thermoplastic material is notably reduced, and a smearing of the plastic is prevented.

Moreover, the radius is polished to match the surface sheen. Glue residue no longer adheres to the buffing wheels.
Result: An absolutely clean board edge!

This result can only be obtained when the buffing wheels are used without oscillation and applying only slight pressure. The buffing disc must be used with an inclination in relation to the workpiece of 3°, 10° inclined to the support and with a lateral overhang of 5mm to the workpiece edge. Rotational direction should be in synchronous run to reduce heat generation.

At the currently installed flat scrapers with skids the fine nozzles are arranged directly in front of the flat scraper. This prevents the adhesion of glue residue on the scrapers and skids.

Consumption per fine nozzle: Under 1 liter for 5000 running meters. The electronically controlled cleaning agent spraying system only requires a compressed air connection of 3 bar and a 230/24 V socket.

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