Wax application system

Using the polishing process for throughput production technology, the machined edge radius is given a high gloss finish by the polishing system. The wax bar is held by means of two clamping cylinders. When the 5/2 way valve is switched, the feeder cylinder moves the wax bar onto the application wheel. After the time as set on the timer has elapsed (approx. 3 sec.), the 5/2 valve is switched over and the wax bar returns to the home position.

The amount of wax applied is regulated by means of the central knurled-head screw (adjustment between 0,2 – 2 mm). By turning anti-clockwise more wax is applied and clockwise less. The recommended wax amount is between 0,2 – 0,3 mm.

System consisting of:

Automatic Wax Application Unit WZG

Hard Wax Bar RWR1770

Wax Application Brush WZG 160/25/50 mm

Cloth Polishing Wheel WZG 160/20/50 mm

Wax Remover LP175/11

Antistatic Coolant WZG12

This system can not be retrofitted.

The Riepe® Wax Application Unit is designed for wax bars with a cross sectional measurement of 80 mm x 40 mm x 400 mm. The specially developed products for this application, wax bar, wax application brushes, polishing wheels, wax remover and antistatic-coolant can be purchased directly from Riepe® or from any of their distributors worldwide.