Two new owners and a strong partner take over the management of RIEPE GmbH & Co. KG

35 years ago, a new era began in the field of edge processing.

What initially started with the development of metal detectors became a company with worldwide success within a short time.
Bernd Riepe, founder and owner, revolutionized the field of edge processing with the invention of RIEPE® spraying systems.

Whereas previously time-consuming manual cleaning work was required on finished edged workpieces, the RIEPE® spraying systems have since ensured machine-clean workpieces in Finish-Quality.

The technology had been invented, but now the newly created had to be "brought to the man". René Riepe took over the commercial management and made the company internationally known. As a result, RIEPE® is now known as the global market leader in finish quality and a reliable partner to the furniture industry.

As of 01.02.2023, a new milestone in the company's history will now begin, as Frank Rave and Ulrich Schmidt will take over the management of RIEPE GmbH & Co. KG together with PINOVA Capital GmbH.

Frank Rave has already been responsible for 10 years at RIEPE as technical manager. Ulrich Schmidt has been head of sales for 3 years and was previously authorized signatory and responsible for sales management at Jowat SE. As a company with many years of experience, PINOVA Capital GmbH has now been acquired as a financially strong partner who will accompany the company's further growth strategy.

As experts in their fields, all owners have the necessary experience to lead the company RIEPE into a successful future and to further strengthen and expand the market position. The company can rely on a team of long-standing employees and industry specialists who are familiar with the entire machining process in the furniture industry in all its sub-areas.

All those involved attach great importance to maintaining the original RIEPE spirit that has made the company successful: speed, reliability and uncompromising quality.
This spirit, combined with new technologies and ideas, we will shape the future with exciting innovations for our customers and partners.

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