Lube Pen

High quality lubricant for the infeed guide

Sponge applicator for optimum lubricant application

Easy to use

No contamination of the machine

The workpiece is easily and smoothly fed onto the conveyor

Chain plates and rubber parts are preserved

Improved production process and machine operation


Infeed guide


The infeed guide, in the inlet area of edge banding machines, feed the workpieces to the correct position on the conveyor track. The edge of the workpiece to be processed is positioned flush against the infeed guide and then fed along the guide to the transport chain. In this process the infeed guide is normally moistened with a lubricant, so that the workpieces can be fed smoothly into the machine. In most companies unsuitable lubricants, for example silicone-based, are sprayed imprecisely onto the infeed guide. The result is a permanent soiling of the machine inlet. Key elements such as the chain plates or rubber components may be damaged.


The RIEPE® LUBE PEN with its sponge applicator, enables a precise and direct coating of the infeed guide. Because of this new, easy and effective development another edgebanding process is optimised.