Electronically controlled spraying system for the woodworking industry

Riepe® is your highly experienced advisor, producer and supplier

We have the know-how, manpower and the passion. Over decades we have put our stamp on the market, providing quality improvement products to the woodworking industry and we are constantly developing further – and with creativity and fervour.

Throughout we have remained a sound family business – honesty, sustainability and professionalism are our trademarks as a partner. Riepe® is 100% customer orientated. We tailor our solutions precisely and specifi cally to your requirements and have the highest standards of quality and service.

A brief review

With an instinct for optimisation possibilities for automatic edge processing, Hans E. Riepe, our company founder, laid the foundation stone to market leadership 30 years ago. We Riepe® GmbH & Co KG in Buende, develop and produce electronically controlled spraying systems for the woodworking industry together with the relevant chemical products.

Prior to the introduction of our systems residues e.g. glue residue on the workpiece, had to be removed manually costing time and effort. The Riepe® spraying systems together with the chemical products deliver the workpiece from the edge and wood processing machines in finish quality, directly to dispatch. Post processing is no longer required.

With the constant further development of our products, a continuously expanding range and sound evidence of proven quality we have continued to expand our global market leadership. To achieve this we work very closely with the leading machine, edgeband and glue manufacturers.

As a special highlight in the area of processing and quality optimisation we have developed a solution package around eliminating the unsightly ‘framing effect’ on high gloss components. The matt optic on the milled radius is polished up to a high gloss shine using a hard-wax and so matches the high gloss surface finish.

We market our products via a worldwide local distributor network in more than 50 countries.