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Chain Plate Cleaner

Ensure the consistent high quality of your work-pieces by including the cleaning of the chain plates in your maintenance cycle.

Contaminated chain plates lessen the grip on the workpiece and as a result the applied pressure of the top pressure belt has to be increased. In addition, contaminated chain plates can result in markings on the workpieces.

Our specially developed Cleaning Agent LP407/13 for chain plates, top pressure belts and rubberised roller conveyors will greatly assist in cleaning without attacking any of the materials.

Specially developed for the cleaning of chain plates, top pressure belts and rubberised roller conveyors

High cleaning power

Materials not affected

Consistent grip of the workpiece

No Change in the shore hardness


Before and after application

Unsuitable cleaners can cause damage to the sur-face of the plates. In addition, a change in the shore hardness can occur.
Even a liberal use of LP407/13 has no negative ef-fect on the chain plates, top pressure belts or roller conveyors.

With the machine stationary, use a well wetted lint free cloth to clean plate by plate.
Available containers: 10 Litre | 30 Litre

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